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Speed is the key to successful water damage restoration

If your home or business requires water damage restoration due to a basement flood, damaged plumbing or appliances, or flooding as a result of fire suppression, time is absolutely of the essence.

The effects of a basement flood or other water damage can go quickly from bad to irreparable.  Excess water can promote electrical hazards, cause expensive damage to your property structure and furnishings, and can even lead to the growth of hazardous mold.

That's why ServiceMaster Restore of Burlington is on call 24/7 to provide you with a reliable lifeline when water damage restoration is needed. You can count on us to provide professional water damage and flood restoration using the industry's best products and techniques.

Fast mitigation is the answer to water damage restoration

Water damage is a significant danger to both homes and businesses. Quick mitigation prevents water damage from spreading, lowers costs and means less stress for you. Waiting to begin water and flood restoration services can cause secondary damage to the structure, carpets, furnishings, and lead to mold contamination. Extreme water damage to hardwood floors can require replacement, and contribute to elevated odours from absorbed water, not to mention costs.

At ServiceMaster Restore of Burlington, our certified technicians use advanced technology and equipment for our water damage restoration services. This technology removes moisture and promotes effective drying. Drying time can be dependent on the location, duration and source of water damage, building materials and weather. If your home or business has been damaged by water, you want professional water damage restoration services.

We identify the source of the problem and the scope of the damage

A thorough examination by our certified technicians, with the use of specialized equipment such as moisture-detection meters, probes and sensors help to determine the extent of the water damage. This enables us to form the most effective water remediation and restoration plan for returning your property back to normal as quickly as possible and restoring your peace of mind.

We’re There until it’s Done

Our team of certified water damage restoration professionals has the expertise and know-how to navigate from crisis to resolution.  Shoulder to shoulder, our team works in a clear, decisive and results-oriented manner from assessment and mitigation of the water damage through to restoration.   

We are ready to respond to your water damage needs, day or night. Call ServiceMaster Restore of Burlington today!


Water damage from a basement flood or other source. here’s what to do:

Periodically check the following to ensure they are secure, in good condition and leak free:

  • Hot water tanks, washing machine hoses, dishwashers, refrigerators and ice makers.
  • Clean your gutters every autumn to prevent backup and leaks.
  • Prevent frozen pipes and potential flooding by keeping your home or business heated while you’re away for an extended period of time.
  • Close interior valves for exterior faucets during the winter months.
  • Leave cabinet doors open during extremely cold weather to allow warm air in to help prevent pipes from freezing.


Common Causes of Basement Flooding
Common Causes of Basement Flooding

Since basements are built partially if not fully below ground, they’re prone to flooding. For that reason, a basement flood



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The crew were very professional and met the deadlines committed to. I was very satisfied with the service and would recommend this company in the future.


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Dan and the team were very helpful, responsive and professional. Work from start to finish (initial cleanup/demo through to construction, finishing and the final dusting) was all done very well.


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You came very quickly started work the next day. I was on a short time line and you came and got the work done when needed. The workers were polite and I was kept informed about the work


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How quickly they came and overall service.


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They are professional. They show up expected, job was done to perfection, property was left better then found. Clean up was fantastic.


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